Thursday, July 1, 2010

Teen Inklings, Vol. 12: Doubt

This month I'd planned on writing about Editing and Editors, but I just realized something... this is Teen Inklings' 12 e-zine! We've been here for a year! In honor of our accomplishment, there will be a giveaway next month. Stay tuned! I've got big plans for this little web page.

In the meantime, feel free to read this special version of a devotional I wrote for CLASH Entertainment.

Dealing with doubt.

When I was nine my mom told me God had given me a talent for writing. At that age her words were enough to keep me going, but seven years later things have gotten harder. It’s easy to look at what I’ve written at the end of the day and doubt that God has really given me a talent. Most of the time I’m left thinking, Who in their right mind would kill a tree to publish this?

I never would’ve entered a writing competition if it hadn’t been for my Sunday School teacher, who is also a writer. She encouraged me to enter a contest, so I did.

Doubt set in. Every day my dread for the feedback intensified. Finally, the results came back. I hadn’t finaled. I felt horrible, like I’d let everyone down. Then I read one of the judge’s comments. She’d liked my story, and had advice to help improve it!

Since then I’ve learned that developing our God-given talents is a step-by-step journey. If we let Satan plant doubts in our minds, much like they sank Peter’s steps when he walked on water, they’ll sink ours. I’ve entered two more writing contests since that first one, and, though I didn’t win either, my scores have been higher. In ACFW's Genesis Competition, I was in the top 25% of writers. I’m improving, and someday God will be able to use my talents for His glory. Meanwhile, when doubts set in, I’ll pray. Nothing kills doubt faster than taking my eyes off of myself and setting them on God.


  1. Good words, Chris. Thank you so much. And congratulations on a year of your e-zine! Here's wishing you success on your writing, and success to everyone else who reads this!

    S. Dahnim

  2. Congrats on your 12th E-zine! The points on doubt were so true, and I can totally identify with struggling with doubting my abilities/myself and pretty much everything at times in my life. Anyways...this was very well written, Chris, and I look forward to following the E-zine for another 12 issues.....and perhaps more! :)

  3. We need more of this! It seems like most of the time Christian writers blog about ways to improve your writing, but sometimes some flat-out encouragement can go a long way--longer than any writing improvement advice would ever go.

  4. Happy one-year anniversary, Chris! I loved your last line about how nothing kills doubt faster than setting our eyes on God. You can't be discouraged when your eyes are on him. Keep at it, Chris. I bragged you up today to a reporter. I have a feeling I'll be bragging about you for years to come. :-)

  5. Horray for your 12th ezine! Happy 1 year of having a e-zine.

    Great story! It is so nice to be able to use God-given talents because He gave them to us for a reason:To glorify His name. It is great that you are using your writing talents for His glory!

    I am new to your blog and following you.


  6. Happy e-zine birthday! Love this post--encouragement, even a little, can go a long way. This has inspired me for my own journey! Thank you.

  7. I'm glad to help. This e-zine is all about you guys. Thanks for reading it. =)